Guess what we do for more than 4 hours every day. No, it’s not time we spend with our kids. It’s the time an average person spends using a mobile device! These figures released by eMarketer’s Global Mobile Research report in 2016 highlights the urgent need to reconsider our priorities. In the midst of our busy schedules, are our children getting ignored? Do we really have the time to enjoy the rain with our children or even check out child insurance plans to safeguard their financial future?

5 Best Things to Do for Your Kids

Your children need your attention more than you think. Here are some simple ways in which you can add immense value to your child’s life:

  1. Bedtime Reading: Spend just 15 minutes reading a book to your child. This may become his/her most special childhood memory. It’s more than just bonding time, as reading increases exposure, improves language skills, builds vocabulary and boost creativity.
  2. Have at least one meal together: This can be a great time, when everyone shares their day’s experiences. In fact, studies have shown a direct correlation a child’s performance in school and eating meals with their parents.
  3. Show them the world: Whet their appetite for traveling and learning about new places. Show them forts, museums and other places of historic interest. Involve children in making travel plans and let them do the basic research on the places to visit.
  4. Make a will: We often see families being broken and relationships severed over property issues. A will comes handy in sorting out financial issues after you’re no longer there and helps avoid bitterness.
  5. Invest in a child plan: The best education, planning a grand marriage, the best health facilities – all this comes at a price. You can secure the financial future of your little one by exploring child plans in India. It’s important to begin investing in such a policy while your child is still young, to ensure a healthy corpus of funds when finances are needed for higher education or marriage. There are tax benefits too.

While the concept of perfect parenting is far from easy, we can certainly try to do our best by providing timely emotional and financial support to our children. While nothing can take the place of parents in a kid’s life, child insurance plans can ensure that your little one gets the best in the future, even in your absence.