The way we work has changed immeasurably over the decades, with the stuffy, cloistered air of old fashioned offices giving way to more creative office space solutions.With the rising popularity of co working spaces looking set to be one of the trends that sticks, we take a look at their advantages.

Happier, more productive people
It may seem counterintuitive, but there’s evidence to suggest that the greater degree of flexibility and freedom afforded by co working spaces actually makes individuals more responsible and independent. Research by Deskmag found that 62% of people who used co working spaces believed it had improved their output, while a similar study by Deloitte found that 50% claimed to regularly take the initiative to access their co working space outside of office hours. Rather than leading to undisciplined employees with poor work ethics, co working spaces can make people take a greater level of responsibility when it comes to planning and completing their own workload.

A cost-effective office space solution
For many freelancers and small businesses, paying for private office space is often an impractical use  of money and resources. Using a co working space instead provides a more adaptable, cost-effective solution that still provides all the business features you need to deliver your work – and that you wouldn’t get while working from home.

Obviously the costs and range of features will vary from space to space, but some co working spaces have tailored themselves specifically to cater to cost-effective needs – the tailored membership packages of The Brew make it among the most financially practical co working spaces East London has to offer.

Increased opportunities for networking
One downside of more traditional office spaces is that they severely limit your opportunities for networking. Seeing the same group of people day in, day sets up some pretty solid barriers, not only to building up new lists of contacts, but also to future employment opportunities – after all, a recent survey suggested that as many as 85% of jobs are now filled via networking.  

With a co working space, there are significantly more chances for getting to know likeminded business people. Consider it an opportunity to step outside of the closed circles that often develop at work and introduce yourself to new people and new ideas. You may even find your next career step coming from a place you never expected.

They’re becoming more and more common – and more diverse
Co working spaces may have one been the new-fangled fad in town, limited to tech hubs and trendy creativedistricts, they can now be found everywhere from the usual tech hub suspects to destinations as wide-ranging as Indonesia, Hungary and Tunisia.

It’s not just the locations that are becoming more diverse either. Co working spaces are increasingly popping up to cater to a whole host of specific requirements and niche interests. The Silicon Valley-based Hacker Lab has a workshop for members to design and build prototypes, while The Sun Office uses its branches from Lisbon to San Francisco to host beachside company co working retreats.

With the 2016 Global Co working Survey predicting that more than a million people will soon be working this way, it looks like the co working trend is here to stay – and with so many advantages to recommend them, it’s a trend well worth considering for your own work space solution.