Offshore investments are a popular choice for investors who are looking to reduce their tax liability while maintaining attractive returns. These types of investments may be the perfect choice for foreign investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolios and looking to implement investment strategies that are safe, yet rewarding. In response to this demand, a variety of offshore investment options have become available which offer wealth building opportunities for investors. Several tax havens have been established in foreign countries such as the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Belize, Mauritius, Panama and several others. Apart from tax benefits, offshore investments offer a few other benefits to investors.

To benefit from offshore investing, foreign investors often form corporations that shield them from the tax liability that would have been incurred had they held their investments locally. This can produce significant savings in tax obligations which is one of the primary reasons that investors seek offshore investments. Offshore investments also offer some level of asset protection to investors. Since assets may be transferred from individuals to corporations or trusts or foundations, investors who wish to avoid individual debt penalties may do so through offshore investments. By so doing, investors may escape the seizure of personal assets.

Another attractive feature of offshore investments is the confidentiality offered to investors. The disclosure of investor identity and of certain investment details is prohibited in the jurisdictions of many offshore operations. This means that investors can rest assured that their confidential information remains confidential and that they can accumulate wealth without divulging their actions publicly. This is particularly beneficial for multi-millionaire investors who are not keen on other investors knowing their investment strategies. Such disclosure would certainly reduce the attractiveness of any investment which is made. Offshore investments offer reduced tax liability, asset production and confidentiality to investors.

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