With healthcare costs rising in the nation as more and more private facilities crop up at every corner of the country, medical crowdfunding is slowly beginning to fill a need. This need is essentially a financial one. The people who are not in a position to foot the hefty bills that health care centres present to them are turning to medical crowdfunding India to help meet their own, or a loved one’s, treatment costs.

Let us take a quick look at how medical crowdfunding works. The campaigner starts a fundraiser, writes their story and uploads photos. Social media sharing begins to happen as soon as the fundraiser goes live. With increasing fundraiser visibility on the internet, donations start pouring in, with each donor typically contributing a relatively small sum. Since hundreds or even thousands of donations tend to come in to the most successful campaigns, the target is met through the power of this proverbial crowd of donors.

As a medical crowdfunding India campaigner, there are certain things you should be doing a little differently than other kinds of campaigners with separate fundraising goals. Here’s a list we have put together for your benefit. Simply refer back to it if you need a little direction on your fundraising journey.

Get help and support: This comes even before your fundraiser goes live. You are either sick or busy taking care of a loved one, maybe a child. This means you may be very busy and also possibly low on energy. Enlist a group of friends to help you run your fundraiser. That is step 1.

Upload documents: A medical crowdfunding campaign can never really attract the donations it deserves unless there is evidence in the fundraiser that the campaigner’s need is authentic. Most prominent crowdfunding platforms in India won’t even approve a fundraiser unless you have uploaded clear legible photos of your medical paperwork and your doctor’s recent prescription to the fundraiser micro site. Donors are happy to give as long as your credibility is established.

Upload the right photos: Photos of the patient in a hospital bed or even in bed at home tend to convince donors that the campaign is “real”. Before and after photos (taken before the individual fell sick and after) are also popular with donors who want to make a gift to make a visible difference.

If you can play by these easy rules, crowdfunding India can get you treatment funding solutions like no other entity. Start your fundraiser today!