Does your student struggle with learning in the classroom, fail to complete homework or perform poorly on tests? Do other students make fun of your child because your student does not process some information as quickly as other students? Then Brain Works is an ideal solution to help get your student on track to learn more effectively, process and retain information to overcome struggles faced on a regular basis.

Discover how Brain Works provides brain training in Utah to help with training underlying cognitive skills, making learning possible with a personalized program tailored to your student‘s needs.

Does Brain Training Work?

Scientific American (SA) reported on findings of a study conducted by University of Michigan at Ann Arbor researchers who concluded that cognitive training does potentially provide significant improvements in fluid intelligence, which SA indicates is the ability to “Succeed in new cognitive tasks and in new situations.”

Participants in the study, divided into two groups of 35 volunteers each, were administered an initial standardized intelligence test. One group received training for several days on complex memory tasks, while the other group did not. All participants took the standardized test again with only the group receiving the memory training showing improvement. The more training the participant received, the more improvement was demonstrated in the second test.

The young people participating in that study are likely indicative of many students who struggle with memory, processing information, speed and efficiency in learning and testing. Brain Works understands frustrations that students and parents feel and work with each family to create a personalized approach to best maximize learning and cognitive training for every individual served by Brain Works.

What Can My Student Expect because of Brain Training?

Because Brain Works implements an individualized approach based on specific weaknesses and areas in need of improvement, the student receives comprehensive training that helps that specific student. Enhance the ability to learn easier, faster and retain cognitive skills learned through cognitive training. Improve both short and long-term memory, improve attention span to assist in learning, improve both visual and auditory processing and the speed at which the child processes information.

Once the student discovers how to overcome difficulties in learning, processing and retaining information, the student potentially demonstrates a significant improvement in other areas such as motivation and self-esteem.

While brain training has the potential to work on people of all ages at various levels of cognitive functioning, results of a study reported in the LA Times showed that brain training not only provides lasting benefits but that it pays “Greatest dividends for children who actually need them.”

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