When we talk about GIS, the first and the foremost question that comes to mind is what GIS is. GIS(Geographic Information System) refers to data analysis and mapping software. It is a computerized system for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface.  It is also helpful for analysing different kinds of data on one map.

GIS is one of the most advanced technologies, which provide solutions to real-world problems. With the help of GIS, people can make very important decisions on transportation, health, climate change, forestry, renewable energy and much more.

Careers in GIS offer a great opportunity and there is no doubt in it. A GIS professional can choose managerial or administrative roles or can go ahead with programming or data analysis line. There is‘N’ number of opportunities for GIS professionals.

GIS Applicationsin Real World:

Let’s say, you want to travel form one place to another and there are many ways to reach the destination, but you want to know the optimal route so that you can prevent the loss of fuel as well as time. With the help of GIS, it is possible to identify the shortest route.

Another example of GIS is explained here.If you are planning to open a retail shop and want to know the best location, GIS can help in finding the most central and customer-oriented location.

GIS for Students:

GIS is a very big platform for students. They can learn data analysis, mapping, statistics and cartographic concepts, which are the demanding topics in the market. GIS is made for people who love maps, data and analysis.

Where Do GIS Professionals Work?

GIS job is used in almost all the fields that one can imagine. It is used in Government projects, educational department, shipping and logistic industries, commercial multiplexes and many other organisations too.

What Do GIS Professionals do?

The most important feature of GIS software is that it can be used for making maps.The professionals do a lot apart from making map, including project management, database administration, cartographic design, data analysis and more.

One can find thousands of open positions around the world sitting at home following the latest GIS jobs website.