Holidays are ON! And, we are sure you are planning to visit malls and other amusement locations where you can recreate. We all look forward to recreational time during holidays, especially if we are a home with kids around. Taking snaps is the best way to restore and keep your memories fresh forever!

In this article we will show you some tips of how to take some fun photos with extinct dinosaurs. Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Photoshop it All!

Photoshop can help here. Many vector scale dinosaur snaps are available online for free; wherein, you can backdrop them and create a fruitful Jurassic memory.

But this is a really laborious way and you may not get a good results. Let’s checkout more creative ways!

  1. Mobile Apps for Dinosaur Pictures

Have you heard of getting your picture finished using a dinosaur snap app? Yes, it is true. There are many available for Android and iOS smartphones; they offer you easy-to-use facilities where you can get your picture with a dinosaur.

Let me suggest you a few of them:

  • Dinosaur Photo Editor
  • Taking Pictures with Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Camera
  • Animal Camera 3D – AR Cam
  • Dinosaur Picture Camera

Isn’t this amazing, especially when your smartphone offers you technology for taking everyday pictures?

  1. Animatronic Dinosaurs & Other Amazing Accessories!

Are you heading to a mall or an amusement park this Christmas? Is it your family-time? Yes, indeed it is! With the increasing popularity and commercialization of dinosaur stories, most malls this Holiday season have installed various Jurassic artifacts and including animatronic dinosaurs; larger-than-life dinosaur eggs; amazing dinosaur costumes; its statues and more.  Go, and get yourself clicked here! Some places, for enhanced entertainment, have also added puppet shows based on Jurassic stories and dinosaurs.

  1. 3D Dinosaur Paintings

Don’t forget about the all-new 3D dinosaur paintings! Yes, they are in-trend in the recent times and can excite your kids to the zenith. You may also explore “3D dinosaur painting museums” for interactive photo shoots. Take unique snaps; hunting, chasing and many more…

  1. It’s Dinosaur Party Time!

Theme parties are what people are interested in these days. Fun is at its best when your theme party is based on dinosaurs. You can click awe-inspiring photos with your invitees and loved ones at the dinosaur photo boots installed; top it up with some funky photo accessories.

  1. Photos with Augmented VR Dinosaurs

Production houses recently are actively involved in creating augmented reality 3D pictures of dinosaurs; thereby, creating a reality in front of the masses. Augmented reality has captured the young audience with a heap. Be in the middle of the entire video and be a part of the Jurassic story that you encounter.

So, are you ready to take some interesting photos with dinosaurs and share to your friends?