Making a decision about the telephone systems your business needs can be a bit difficult. There are a variety of options and factors that you should consider during the process. Regardless of what you choose, you will also have to decide whether you prefer an IP desk phone or a softphone application that will work with the preselected system.

Advantages of choosing an IP phone from your service provider

Most likely, the telephony provider you choose offers you a selection of VoIP phones that best suit your needs, from our experience this is the most recommended option. We live in Dubai and based on our experience, Grandstream Distributor in Dubai is the best one. Keep in mind that following points should be your considerations.


Prices are generally lower than those from other sources, this is due to the agreements between manufacturer and supplier.

‘Plug & Play’

The phones are already preconfigured for your account. All you have to do is connect it and start making calls.

Technical support and customer service

If you have problems with your phone for the duration of your contract, your service provider will provide you with a comprehensive customer service to make any configuration or change that is necessary. If you do not use the landlines provided by your service provider, they may not be able to help you because they do not have the required notions of the phone brand.

Software updates

Another important factor of a phone provided by your phone system provider is that you will get automatic software updates when they become available. You will always be up to date with the latest technology in telephony.


Why you’re suggested to choose phone from your provider? The security! The common subjects of security threats are voice data and any information entering and leaving into and from your IP phone. It’s the reason why you need to make sure you only choose secure telephone systems.

Provisioning changes

If you need to make changes to your phone, such as caller ID or numbering, your service provider can offer an online login so you can manage these settings. It would be impossible to make changes to phones that are not compatible with your service provider.