For many years challenge coins has been limited to the military usage only. It has been mostly given as a reward and recognition for the outstanding services and effort put by the soldiers in the war field or any demanding situations.  But nowadays challenge coins are becoming immensely popular among civil, government, private and non-profit organization.

Significance of challenge coins

In today’s world people always look for something innovative and interesting Custom Challenge Coins has proven to be effective in seeking people’s attention and respect and thus quickly replacing other means of rewarding such as trophy, badge, plaque, gift coupon, voucher, free holiday trip, etc. The receiver and presenter both feel enormous sense of pride while dealing with challenge coins.

Challenge coins has come long way and now with advance technology and great professionals it is no more a simple brass coin with faint text or symbol which are rarely visible. Nowadays challenge coins can be tailored into any specification such as color, dimension, material, picture, logo, etc. as per client’s requirements. Most of the challenge coins providers like Max Custom Challenge Coins deal with highly qualified designer and other staff with top class customer service.

As the challenge coins carry high elegancy, dignity and respect thus along with military coins they are widely used as

    • Business Coins
    • Fire Department Coins
    • Government Coins
    • Police Coins

  • USA Made Coins

Cost effective and high quality

Though the cost of the coins depends largely on the quantity and features requested by the clients but all the reputed providers offer competitive price so that everyone can easily afford to buy challenge coins for their specific requirements. The renowned always give importance to the quality of the product, timely delivery and provide option for requesting free quote.

To sustain in this competitive market and for building reputation most of the companies provide some of the important services for free such as design, shipping, consultation, etc. and customer can contact the company through simple mode of communication such as email, phone or filling query form. Some company even provides addition products free of cost for customer satisfaction.

The experienced design team always stays in touch with the client during every stage of designing and manufacturing process and takes the suggestion of the client for any modification so that the customer can evaluate the whole process with unlimited revisions and eventually get the desired outcome.

Enhance the impact of appreciation

Recognition is an inevitable and important part of every organization for boosting the morale and confidence of the employees. Stylish and elegant challenge coins create greater impact on the significance of any ceremony.

Greeting the honorable guests with an effective challenge coins leaves a long lasting impression on the guest and the audience too. Some of the high ranking administrators used them as a business card and sign of autograph. Use of challenge coins as an ID is common in some department to symbolize their membership and specific role in the particular units.

Even some organizations replaced branded paraphernalia such as cap, mug, T-shirt, bags with amazing challenge coins.