The outlook for home prices/London property across the region and the suburbs is still uncertain with numerous commentators unsure if home prices can keep on rising or whether the market is due for a correction. It is the time where the general public needs an expert advice on the off chance that it is their first attempts into researching whether equity release is their best option or not.

  • When thinking applying for an equity release plan, it’s always a great idea to ask for advice from more than one expert. It’s not just about the diverse advantages offered by the different lenders. It’s also about the character and reputation of each organization. If you fall short to conduct thorough research before signing your agreements, you may end up with a less than expert equity release provider.
  • Look for equity release providers in your area. You want the comfort of having them whenever you need. Whether you need to calculate (1) the maximum equity release loan, (2) compare the best equity release deals, or (3) just ask any property related question, your advisor must be able to offer the best advice. London Equity Release website is the place which provides all the information you need.
  • It’s always a good idea to look for a well-established lender. Somebody who is new to the business won’t have the much needed experience, and they might not appear in the long run. Once you have shortlisted three or four potential lenders, you will need to fix a meeting with each one of them. Make sure that you carry a list of questions to every meeting. This way, you can examine all of your notes in the comfort and retreat of your own home before making your decision.