Google recently released its new Backup and Sync feature on the Google Drive. This update, which is primarily intended for consumer use, offers increased storage capability that is similar to huge corporate data sets. Here, Steven Wyer answers a few questions about the new capability and why data backup is so important.

Q: What is Google Drive?

Steven Wyer: Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based/online storage feature for registered Google users.

Q: What are the benefits of using a cloud-based drive?

Steven Wyer: A cloud-based drive offers consumers and businesses access to unlimited storage. It is a safer alternative to simply storing files on a computer.

Q: Is the new feature difficult to use?

Steven Wyer: No. It simply requires installation of an app and a few clicks of the mouse to be up and running.

Q: Along with backup, what are the most useful features of Google Drive?

Steven Wyer: Google Drive offers access to online documents, which can be created by one user and shared and edited with multiple collaborators.

Q: How does this change affect G-Suite customers?

Steven Wyer: Google currently recommends that G-Suite customers continue to use Mac/PC drive until the planned enterprise-focused solution is available.

Q: Is it cost-effective to utilize cloud services?

Steven Wyer: For home users, Google offers 15 GB of storage for free. 100 GB cost just $1.99 each month. (Price as of July 2017).

Q: Should I schedule my data to upload automatically?

Steven Wyer: Automatic uploads are valuable to consumers who don’t have the time or energy to devote to moving files from their PC or mobile device to their backup service.

Q: Does Google offer backup and sync services for mobile devices?

Steven Wyer: Yes, users need only download the Google Drive app to their device.

Q: Who will benefit the most from scheduled backups?

Steven Wyer: Backup services are beneficial for everyone, from the “mamarazzi” constantly snapping pictures of her children to large corporations who can’t afford to lose valuable client data.

Q: In your opinion, should businesses utilize data backup services or rely on on-site servers?

Steven Wyer: I’m a big advocate of utilizing multiple backup technologies. It never hurts to be prepared in case of an emergency, such as a flood or hurricane, which can cause significant damage to a company’s tech systems.

Q: What if I need access to my files offline?

 Steven Wyer: With Google Drive, you can make files available offline for remote viewing later. For instance, if you’re going to be on a flight or in an area with a bad connection, you can still access and edit files as needed.