CPA stands for cost-per-action and is a model of performance-based affiliate advertising. In this era of online advertising, advertisers used to pay for clicks or impressions but now with the introduction of CPA model advertisers pay for the action requested which could be a generation of a lead or sale. The market share of CPA Networks is enhancing exponentially in these days as the majority of publishers and marketers started perceiving the importance and benefits of CPA network over the pay-per-click model. During the economic slowdown, people tend to buy very less which impact marketer’s ROI. As people are buying less, the marketers can’t predict the return that their advertisements are rendering. Due to this over-reliance, pay-per-click would cost a lot to the marketers if they are still adopting the traditional model of advertising. Hence, to save marketer’s cost of advertising during the recession and to improve the ROI, slowly majority of the organizations are replacing traditional pay-per-click with CPA networks.

Through CPA networks the marketer pays only for the action that is to be achieved by the publishers and create advertisement campaigns that are beneficial for both the marketer and the publisher. Cost-Per-Action or CPA is an online advertising model, that emphasizes on compensating the publisher or an affiliate partner for a specific action performed on his web platform with advertiser’s material. These actions could be filling out a questionnaire, registering, making a purchase in a store, subscribing to a newsletter, subscribing to a mobile service, subscribing to a real service via a card payment, or anything else depending on the specific affiliate program. For a newbie to CPA network model here we are enlisting few steps to be taken for transforming from traditional pay-per-click to cost-per-action model,

• To start with CPA marketing in action, you need to register with the chosen network; this applies to you whether you are a publisher or an advertiser.

• Certain CPA companies would assign you a manager who will help you right from the scratch of transition. They will set up your web profile and will take your inputs in promoting your business both in online and offline.

• Final verification by the CPA network would complete the process of transition. Once the verification is done, your site will be added to the system and this will enable you to search for suitable offers spread across various parts of the globe.

• You can try these offers ‘in action’ for a trial period and understand which offers suit you better and how to improve traffic more efficiently.

To start with CPA marketing, it is important to register with the network. Some network companies provide their publishers with special statistical reports that help you in analyzing your mistakes and optimize your marketing campaign. This way you can improve your visibility to the target market and can reduce advertising costs while optimizing on the sales front.